Interact With Social Media

Improve Your Offline Marketing

Market yourself in the real world

Based on the service, products you offer
or the accommodation you rent out.

We can take full control for you or act as an ‘interim staff member’, during periods you are busy fulfilling business.
Part time, over the web & telephone, in-house or even possibly to recruit full time season staff for peak summer months or during staff holidays. With English, Catalan & Spanish speaking personnel.

  • Increase sales and brand awareness
  • Generate and distribute marketing paraphernalia
  • Engaging & communicating with your past, current or future customers
  • Partner and co-operate wisely with other businesses
  • Respond to enquiries and opportunities
  • Generate recommendations and referals

Dedicated account manager
To tie in with online efforts (i.e. Social media and Website)

Comprehensive Service

  • Organise and manage leaflet drops locally and further afield
  • Organise and manage sales staff and departments
  • Provide a sales department for a client
  • Create communities of people offline, who share an interest in your product, event or service
    (Community Engagement & Building)