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Search Engine Optimisation

We evaluate your website, clean up the experience & improve the search engine placement, with new content.

By adopting what Google and other leading search engines demand and researching your industry and competition.

Typical Optimisation

  • Review of your website and industry
  • Improve overall branding of site and usability to improve trust
  • Adjusting or helping a client with current content
  • Helping a client create new unique quality content
  • Check, evaluate and improve placement over time

Efforts can include improving your reputation or overcoming a bad one (often when taking over a business or location)

Comprehensive Service

Improvements to:

  • Website “Header & Slideshow” images
  • “Service or Product Sales Information”
  • “Community Building” content aligned to your business

A complete new website can be offered where needed (WordPress at a budget or bespoke)